Apparatus and method for detecting metal and computer readable recording medium



PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide an apparatus and a method for detecting metals and a computer readable recording medium which speedily keep up with a characteristic change of signals of an object to be inspected to maintain stable detection sensitivity. SOLUTION: When a phase characteristic of a signal of an object to be inspected which is generated by the object subsequent to an environmental change such as a surrounding temperature change or the like changes from a phase characteristic P, a detection phase is shifted sequentially from the phase A by Δθ in a direction in which the signal of the object after the shift becomes smaller than the signal of the object before the shift, whereby the detection phase is made always to keep up with the change of the phase characteristic of the object to be inspected.
(57)【要約】 【課題】 安定した検出感度を維持すべく、被検査物信 号の特性変動に迅速に追従する金属検出装置及び金属検 出方法及びコンピュータ読み取り可能な記録媒体の提 供。 【解決手段】 周囲の温度等の環境変化によって被検査 物によって生じる被検査物信号の位相特性が、位相特性 Pから変化する場合において、検出位相を位相AからΔ θだけシフトさせるときに、シフト後の被検査物信号が シフト前の被検査物信号より小さくなる方向に順次シフ トさせ、被検査物信号の位相特性の変化に検出位相を常 に追従させる。




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