Package for housing optical semiconductor element



PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a package for housing an optical semiconductor element for allowing an optical fiber to satisfactorily receive a light excited by an optical semiconductor element through a cylindrical lens member, and allowing the optical semiconductor element housed inside to normally and stably operate in a long period. SOLUTION: This is a package for housing an optical semiconductor element constituted of a substrate 1 having a loading part 1a of an optical semiconductor element 4, frame body 2 attached to the substrate 1 and provided with a through-hole 2a at the side part, cylindrical metallic fixing member 9 inserted and fixed into the through-hole 2a, whose outside end part an optical fiber 11 is inserted and fixed into, cylindrical lens member 10 inserted and fixed inside the metallic fixing member 9, and cover body 3 mounted on the upper face of the frame body 2. Only the outer peripheral face of the central part of the cylindrical lens member 10 is fixed through brazing filler metal to the inner peripheral face of the metallic fixing member 9, and the metallic fixing member 9 is fixed with an interval with the inner peripheral face of the through- hole 2a. Thus, any stress can not be concentrated on the cylindrical lens member 10, and any crack can not be generated.
(57)【要約】 【課題】 円柱状レンズ部材に応力によるクラックが発 生し、光半導体素子と光ファイバとの光信号の良好な授 受や光半導体素子の長期間にわたる正常かつ安定な作動 ができなくなったりする。 【解決手段】 光半導体素子4の載置部1aを有する基 体1と、基体1に取着され、側部に貫通孔2aが設けら れた枠体2と、貫通孔2aに挿入固定され、外側端部に 光ファイバ11が挿入固定される筒状の金属製固定部材9 と、金属製固定部材9の内側に挿入固定された円柱状レ ンズ部材10と、枠体2の上面に取着される蓋体3とから 成る光半導体素子収納用パッケージであって、円柱状レ ンズ部材10は中央部の外周面のみが金属製固定部材9の 内周面にろう材を介して固定されており、かつ金属製固 定部材9は貫通孔2aの内周面との間に間隙を有して固 定されている。円柱状レンズ部材10に応力が集中せずク ラックが発生しない。




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