Electric field strength simulation method for loop antenna, loop antenna and loop antenna forming method



(57)【要約】 【課題】 微小ループアンテナによる電磁界式によって は、ループアンテナの近傍で使用するシミュレーション 特性を得ることができなかった。 【解決手段】 微小ダイポールアンテナの基本式である P点におけるアンテナ線円周上磁界強度を表わす式をも とに、長方形状のループアンテナの生成する任意のP点 におけるアンテナ面への垂直磁界を求め、極座標P (R,θ,φ)からXYZ軸からなる3次元座標(X, Y,Z)に座標変換して、ループアンテナの生成する垂 直磁界レベルのシミュレーション特性を得るものであ る。
PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide the electric field strength simulation method of a loop antenna on a plane by obtaining the vertical magnetic field of an optional point based on a specified formula, performing coordinate transformation from a polar coordinate to a three-dimensional coordinate and performing line integration by a linear antenna. SOLUTION: Magnetic field strength on an antenna line circumference at a point P is indicated by the basic formula of a fine dipole antenna by the expression of the polar coordinate P (R, θ, ϕ). Based on the formula, the vertical magnetic field to an antenna plane at the optional point P generated by a rectangular loop antenna is obtained, the coordinate transformation is performed from the polar coordinate P (R, θ, ϕ) to the three-dimensional coordinate (X, Y, Z) composed of X, Y and Z axes and the line integration by the linear antenna is performed. Such a program is inputted to a calculation processor and simulation characteristics are obtained. In the formula, Hϕ is the magnetic field of a line circumferential direction, ω is a frequency, P is electric charge moment, Q is an electric charge, R is a distance to an observation point, (l) is the dipole distance of the electric charge, θ is the angle of the line and the observation point, (i) is a current and e<-jk> R is a constant for indicating a phase angle.




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