Injection quantity control device of fuel and water injection type engine



(57)【要約】 【課題】 本発明は、燃料・水噴射エンジンの噴射量制 御装置に関し、水噴射を行なう時と水噴射を中止する時 との切り替え時において、エンジンのトルク変動を抑制 できるようにする。 【解決手段】 運転状態検出手段により検出されたエン ジン運転状態に応じて水噴射量調整手段の作動を制御す るとともに、基本燃料噴射量を水噴射量に応じて増量補 正し、補正後の燃料噴射量に基づき燃料噴射量調整手段 の作動を制御する燃料・水噴射式エンジンの噴射量制御 装置において、運転状態検出手段からの検出情報に基づ いて特定運転条件が成立したか否かを判定する特定運転 条件判定手段を設け、特定運転条件が成立すると水噴射 を中止する特定運転状態に制御し、特定運転状態とその 他の運転状態との切り替え時には、水噴射量が徐々に変 化するように構成する。
PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To restrain torque fluctuation of an engine at the change-over of the time of water injection and the time of water injection stop to each other by deciding water injection quantity in accordance with an engine driving state and controlling a fuel injection quantity adjusting means by increasing and correcting basic fuel injec tion quantity in accordance with the decided water injection quantity. SOLUTION: Whether certain decelerating operation which is a specific driving state is carried out or not is judged from a detection signal of an acceleration opening sensor 20 by an acceleration opening changing speed computing means 15 in an ECU 10 during driving a fuel injection and water injection type engine devised to inject fuel and water to a combustion chamber. In case of stopping water injection as deceleration operation is carried out, actuation of a water supply pump 2 is controlled so as to gradually reduce water injection quantity. Additionally, in the case when the specific driving state is released, actuation of the water supply pump 2 is controlled so as to gradually make it specified water injection quantity. That is, at the time of change-over the specific driving state and the other driving states to each other, a rack position of the water supply pump 2 is controlled, and torque fluctuation in the change-over is restrained. COPYRIGHT: (C)1999,JPO




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