Catalyst filter



(57)【要約】 【目的】 広い接触面積、高い接触頻度を持ちながら濾 過抵抗の極めて少ないことを特徴とする触媒フィルター 【構成】 自重の数倍の多量の微粉末触媒を接着剤を用 いることなくその表面に吸着せしめてなる植物性繊維の 堆積層であり、且つ、各繊維間は多量の微細空隙によっ て構成されていることを特徴とするものである。
PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To obtain a catalyst filter having a large contact area and high contact frequency but extremely small filtration resistance. SOLUTION: A specified amt. of a catalyst prepared in a fine powder state is added to a pulp suspension liquid of about 0.1% density (generally the amt. of the catalyst is several times the fiber amt.), and mixed and suspended, to which a specified amt. of all flocculation assistant (depending on the kind of the catalyst, and for example, a melamine colloid or aluminum polychloride) is added and stirred. Further, a proper polymer flocculant and high pressure air-saturated water in proper amts. are also added and stirred to cause strong adsorption of the fine powder catalyst to the fiber surface. In this stage, microbubbles of air produced from the high pressure air-saturated water deposit as bubbles on the fiber 1 so that the fiber 1 adsorbing the catalyst 2 floats to form a deposited layer of fiber containing lots of microbubbles of air on the water surface. The deposited layer is transferred to a metal mesh, dehydrated in vacuum without pressurizing, and dried to complete the production of a filter. COPYRIGHT: (C)1999,JPO




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