U-shaped pipe type salt regenerating vessel for ion exchange resin water softener



(57)【要約】 【目的】本発明は、イオン交換樹脂による軟水器におい て、劣化したイオン交換樹脂に食塩水を通し再生する場 合、食塩を入れた容器を、前記軟水器に直結し、バルブ の切り替えのみで、水道水の流れで、自動的に食塩を融 かしながら、イオン交換樹脂の入った軟水器に導くこと により、イオン交換樹脂を再生せしめる便利な食塩再生 容器を提供することを目的とする。 【構成】水道蛇口とイオン交換樹脂を入れた軟水器との 間に直結した食塩入り容器であって、該容器には、切り 替えバルブと、最下部に小穴を有するU字パイプとを有 している。切り替えバルブを切り替え、前記U字パイプ 内部に水道水を流した時は、前記容器内の食塩を前記U 字パイプの最下部の小穴部で融かしながら食塩水とし て、軟水器に導き、劣化したイオン交換樹脂を再び活性 化せしめるイオン交換樹脂軟水器の食塩再生容器。
PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To activate and regeneration ion exchange resin within a water softener while dissolving sodium chloride by directly coupling a vessel containing sodium chloride having a switching valve and a U-shaped pipe having a suction and exhaust port which is small hole in its lowermost part between a city water faucet and a water softener. SOLUTION: A switching handle 3 of a water softener part B and a switching handle 14 of a table salt regenerating vessel part A are turned to regenerating positions, and a city water faucet 5 is opened to introduce city water into the water softener part B through a U-shaped pipe 12 within the salt regenerating vessel A. An ion exchange resin 20 is put in anion exchange resin vessel 1, which is filled with city water. When the water pressure is increased, from a suction and exhaust port 12-1 which is a small hole in the lowermost part of the U-shaped pipe 12 in the table salt regenerating vessel part A, table salt 11 is put in the water softener part B as salty water while dissolving the salt 11. When the water pressure in the salt regenerating vessel part A falls, city water enters the salt regenerating vessel A again while dissolving the salt 11 to regenerate the ion exchange resin 20 in the water softener B. In this way, the table salt can be set left as it is, an it is easy to handle, and the residual quantity of the salt is made visible, and operation can be automated to lessen the quantity of ion exchange resin. COPYRIGHT: (C)1999,JPO




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