(57)【要約】 【課題】 炉壁11に設けられた廃棄物投入口12から 炉内13に投入された廃棄物を乾留処理してその炉内1 3で乾留ガスを生成する乾留炉10へ廃棄物を供給する ために、廃棄物供給部2と、廃棄物供給部2と炉内13 を廃棄物投入口12を介して連絡する搬送通路部3とを 備えてなる廃棄物供給装置において、炉内13で発生し た乾留ガスの廃棄物供給部2への吹き上がりを防止する と共に、炉内13への空気の混入を防止できる廃棄物供 給装置を提供する。 【解決手段】 搬送通路部3が、廃棄物を炉内13に向 かって圧密化しながら搬送する廃棄物搬送手段4を具備 している。
PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To avoid blowing up a dry distilling gas produced in a furnace to a waste feed part and mixing air in the furnace, by comprising waste conveying means for compacting, and conveying wastes into the furnace in a conveying passage connecting a waste feed part to the furnace inside through a waste charging hole. SOLUTION: A waste feeder 1 is composed of a waste feed part 2 and a conveying passage 3 connecting the waste feed part 2 and a furnace inside 13 through a waste charging hole 12. The conveyer passage 3 locates below the waste feed part 2, a circular tube 6 is disposed at a lying position, and a screw conveyer 5 coaxial to the axial center of the tube 6 is disposed therein so as to be rotated/driven from outside at the rear end 6b of the tube 6. The screw pitch of the screw conveyer 5 more decreases at the top end, and a radially reduced part of the top end 6a of the screw conveyer 5 forms waste conveying means 4 for compacting and conveying the waste in the conveyer passage 3 toward the furnace inside 13. COPYRIGHT: (C)1999,JPO




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