Proton-conductive body and electrochemical element using the proton-conductive body



(57)【要約】 【課題】 プロトン伝導性に優れ、乾燥雰囲気下でもプ ロトン伝導性の低下がなく、特に加工性に優れたプロト ン伝導体を得る。 【解決手段】 酸化ケイ素とブレーンステッド酸を主体 とする化合物と、共役ジエン単位と芳香族ビニル単位か らなるブロック共重合体のスルホン化物よりプロトン伝 導体を得る。
PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a conductive body excellent in proton conductivity and workability, by using a compound mainly composed of silicon oxide and a Bronsted acid, and a sulfonate of a block copolymer composed of conjugate diene units and aromatic vinyl units. SOLUTION: A compound mainly composed of silicon oxide and a Bronsted acid is used as an inorganic compound used for a proton-conductive body. An organic compound comprising sulfonate as a block copolymer composed of conjugate diene units and aromatic vinyl units is used as a binder. Preferably, phosphoric acid or its derivative is used as the Bronsted acid added to silicon oxide. The Bronsted acid acts as a donor of protons and the silicon oxide has a structure with -OH groups joined to its surface in high concentration as end groups. Because protons in the -OH groups perform proton hopping motion, high proton conductivity is exhibited. This proton-conductive body is effective as electrolyte for electrochemical elements. COPYRIGHT: (C)1999,JPO




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