Plate-like member storing container



PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To make the positioning of a storing container to be placed on an upper face of another storing container easier when a plurality of plate-like member storing containers are vertically stacked on one another, and moreover enable the storing containers to be kept in a stable state mutually after they are stacked at their predetermined positions. SOLUTION: This storing container is constituted in such a manner that a portion between an outer case main body 3 containing an inner case which contains plate-like members and an upper lid 4 covering an upper part of the outer case main body 3 to be joined thereto is maintained in a state that the upper lid 4 is pressed against the outer case main body 3 by a locking means, and also that a seal member disposed throughout the entire periphery of the joint of the upper lid 4 to the outer case main body 3 is compressed to keep a sealed state, while a lower end face of another plate-like member storing container can be placed on the upper face of the upper lid 4 in a superposed state. In this instance, a pair of protruding pieces 31 protruding from the lower end face of the outer case main body 3 and a pair of engaging recesses 41 which are formed in the upper face of the upper lid 4 and, with which the protruding pieces 31 are respectively engaged, are provided. COPYRIGHT: (C)1999,JPO
(57)【要約】 【課題】 上下に複数の板上部材収納容器を重ねて置く 場合、上面に載置する収納容器を容易に位置決めでき、 しかも、所定の位置で重ね合わされた後には、双方が安 定した状態を維持できるようにする。 【解決手段】 板上部材を収容した内箱を収容する外箱 本体3と、前記外箱本体3の上部に被せられて接合され る上蓋4との間が、係止手段により前記上蓋4が前記外 箱本体3に向けて押圧された状態を維持し、かつ、前記 上蓋4と前記外箱本体3との接合部の全周にわたって配 設されているシール部材を圧縮して密封状態を保つと共 に、前記上蓋4の上面に他の板上部材収納容器の下端面 を重ね合わせて載置することができるように構成された 板上部材収納容器において、前記外箱本体3の下端面か ら突出する一対の突片31と、前記上蓋4の上面に形成 され前記突片31がそれぞれ係合する一対の係合凹部4 1とを設けたものである。




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