Power supplying equipment



PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a power supplying equipment capable of being miniaturized and reduced in weight and switching powers, without causing power cut-off. SOLUTION: This power supplying equipment is provided with a voltage measuring section 2 for measuring voltages of specified power and the other powers, which are input independently, separately, a power selecting section 3 for selecting a power which has a voltage level required by a load or higher, as operating power from the powers detected by the voltage measuring section 2 and outputting it to a load, a voltage dropping section 5, which when the power selected by the power selecting section 3 is the specified power, drops the other powers to a voltage level which is lower than that of the specified power and then outputs the dropped powers to the output side of the power selecting section 3, a switching section 7 for switching the power output to the load to either a cut-off state or an output state, and a supply state holding section 7b which keeps a re-input state in a cut-off state after a non-input state in which the inputs, including the specified power and the other powers, have all stopped in the cut-off state.
(57)【要約】 【課題】 小型化及び軽量化、電力遮断を起こさずに他 の電力に切換える電力供給装置を提供することを目的と する。 【解決手段】 個別独立して入力される特定の電力と他 の電力との電圧を各々測定する電圧測定部2と、電圧測 定部2で測定した電力の中から負荷が必要とする電圧値 以上の電力を動作電源として選択し負荷側へ出力する電 力選択部3と、電力選択部3で選択される電力が特定の 電力の場合に、他の電力を特定の電力より低い電圧値に 降下させて電力選択部3の出力側に出力する電圧降下部 5と、負荷側へ出力される電力を遮断状態または出力状 態のいずれかの供給状態に切り換える切換部7と、遮断 状態において特定の電力及び他の電力の入力を全て停止 した未入力状態の後の再入力状態を遮断状態に維持する 供給状態保持部7bとを備える。




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